Why Bacci&D free demo don't runs ?

10/26/2017: Here is a note on the old version of the "BC32_P02.exe" file: although it downloaded as "DEMO", in reality, it was just an update for the product "Bacci & the Ducklings" and for everyone those who bought it (it did not work as a playable demo).

Precisely because the voice under which it is still downloaded is "DEMO", now "BC32_P02.exe" also contains a minimal version of "Bacci & the Ducklings" with at least one playable level (demo).


Bacci32.exe (setup program) 127 MB
58 days ago
Bacci32.zip (archive file) 127 MB
58 days ago
BC32_P02.exe (free demo + new patch + level editor) 127 MB
26 days ago

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